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Description: Complete demolition of Building 23 on the VA Palo Alto Medical Facility. The demolition was needed to accommodate construction of a newer, larger building. The existing building contained offices, classroom spaces, a gymnasium and aquatic facilities.

In order to accommodate pedestrian movements around the construction site BVB constructed approximately 200 feet of colored concrete walkways. The walkways were constructed in key locations to help guide pedestrian traffic around the construction site and between campus facilities.

The project also included construction of a reinforced concrete wall which served as a cap for an opening to the existing utility tunnel. The sidewalk near the entrance of Building 23 also served as a cover to an existing steam tunnel. The tunnel included water, steam, storm drain, electrical, data and communication facilities that served Building 23. The tunnel was removed and the utilities were safed-off to a point away from Building 23.

Demolition included abatement and disposal of asbestos insulation. The remaining portion of tunnel was capped off with the construction of a structural wall. The wall consisted of structural concrete, rebar reinforcement and doweled into the existing tunnel walls. The wall matched the existing adjacent tunnel walls.

Utility Relocation:

BVB relocated existing utility lines to locations outside of the future building footprint. Construction included relocation of domestic and fire water lines, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, high voltage power lines and steam lines necessary for the construction of the new Poly-trauma Therapy Pool and Therapy Center. Relocated utility lines also fed other existing adjacent buildings and were kept in operation during construction. BVB minimized utility down time by incorporating methods including hot-tapping for continued operation of the facility. Project also included concrete walkway replacements.

Utility relocation included a major reroute of the existing steam lines and concrete channel. BVB assisted the project by adding design of the steam line reroute in the middle of construction. The steam line reroute included construction of a 15’ high concrete vault which allowed for accommodating a severe change in vertical elevation across the project limits. The steam concrete channel was constructed with reinforced concrete and included removable concrete lids.

High voltage underground power line relocation for the project included installation of 3-12Kv power lines between existing vaults.

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